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100 Bullets Omnibus Vol. 1

100 Bullets Omnibus Vol. 1

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One gun. One hundred bullets. Zero consequences. The Eisner Award-winning and bestselling crime graphic novel series 100 Bullets is now collected in this first volume omnibus!
If your life was destroyed, and you knew that those responsible would never be held to account, how far would you go to get revenge? 
If you were given a chance to kill anyone you wanted, with a guarantee that the law could not touch you, would you take it? 
That's the opportunity that a man called Agent Graves provides, in the form of a special case containing a gun, a hundred rounds of ammunition, and total immunity for their use. To the damaged and downtrodden living on the fringes of society, Graves's offer is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to even their scores. But beyond the fundamental dilemma of whether or not to pull the trigger, there is a deeper and even more troubling question that everyone who picks up the briefcase must ask themselves: Just who is making all of this possible—and why? 
Discover the truth in 100 Bullets Omnibus, colecting in its entirety the legendary saga of crime and conspiracy from New York Times bestselling author Brian Azzarello and acclaimed artist Eduardo Risso. This first of two volumes includes issues #1-58 of the award-winning series as well as the short story "Merry Christmas, Bitches" from Vertigo: Winter's Edge #3 and features a special sketchbook section from Risso. 

Vendor: DC

ISBN: 9781779507426

Pages: 1376

Author/Editor: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Eduardo Risso

Year of Publication: 2021

Language: English

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