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Animal Noir

Animal Noir

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Anthropomorphic animals like you've never seen them before. It's Chinatown meets Animal Farm.
Private Investigator (and giraffe), Immanuel Diamond--Manny to his friends--has been asked by his uncle, an influential judge, to track down a prey fantasy movie. Adult films in this world are staged hunts where one animal eats another and the judge's wife starred in one that has been hidden, until now.

Giraffe detectives, hippo mob members, prey-obsessed lions, street fighting elephants, and oppressed zebras are just part of this wild animal kingdom.

Vendor: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781631409523

Pages: 104

Author/Editor: Izar Lunacek, Nejc Juren

Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez

Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English

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