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Avengers: The Gathering Omnibus HC

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One of the most shocking stories in Avengers history! When the Swordsman returns from the dead with the mysterious Magdalene by his side, a sprawling saga begins - and at its heart stands the shadowy Proctor! What is his great secret? Who are his mysterious Gatherers? And what do they want with the Vision, the Black Knight and the Eternal known as Sersi? Meanwhile, the Avengers deal with Kree terrorists, the Legion of the Unliving and a traitor in their midst - as the Black Knight finds himself torn between Sersi and his teammate Crystal! And can the X-Men help the Avengers stop a mutant/human civil war before Proctor begins his final gathering?

Avengers (1963) 343-344, 348-375; Avengers Annual (1967) 22; Avengers Strikefile (1994) 1; X-Men (1991) 26; Avengers West Coast (1989) 101; Uncanny X-Men (1981) 307; Black Knight: Exodus (1996) 1; Avengers Anniversary Magazine (1993) 1

Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9781302926496

Pages: 1152



Year of Publication: 2021

Language: English