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Baby Flying Serpent | Fully Articulated | 3D Printed

Baby Flying Serpent | Fully Articulated | 3D Printed

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Experience the magic of having your own baby flying serpent dragon. These adorable creatures are made to order, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Each dragon is fully articulated, allowing you to move each link freely, and no assembly is required. The baby flying serpent dragons are carefully crafted using a 3D printer that creates them layer by layer from biodegradable plastic made from corn.


  • Regular baby- about 21 cm
  • Large baby - about 27 cm

If you opt for a rainbow or color-changing dragon, the exact color transitions will depend on the plastic used, adding to the uniqueness of your dragon.

Create your own adventure with a baby flying serpent dragon - order now!

* All dragons are made by Turtle Creations in New Zealand. This dragon model is designed by the artist Cinderwing3D.

Images are representative and actual products can vary in colour due to the printing process.

Description and photo credits: Turtle Creations NZ.


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