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Bongo Comics

Bart Simpson Suckerpunch

Bart Simpson Suckerpunch

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BART SIMPSON GN SUCKERPUNCH (W) Matt Groening (CA) Jason Ho & Various Don't mess with Bart Simpson, if you know what's good for you! First, Bart and Milhouse battle it out to be the Springfield Isotopes' new batboy, and when Sideshow Bob enacts a plan to humiliate Bart, it backfires on him in a big way! Then Bart gets his hands on Professor Frink's newest invention and he discovers the need for speed… and a formula for disaster! And when the school bullies suffer from a deficiency of delinquent ideas, they enlist Bart's help to pull off the ultimate prank on the people of Springfield. These stories and more will sock-it-to-you with a bellyful of laughs!

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