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Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash (Second Edition)

Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash (Second Edition)

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New edition with bonus material by Dave McKean!
Dark Horse proudly presents a new, second edition, of the graphic novel by legendary artist Dave McKean, based on the life of Paul Nash, a surrealist painter during World War 1. The Dreams of Paul Nash deals with real soldier's memoirs and all the stories add up to a moving piece about how war and extreme situations change us, how we deal with that pain, and, in Nash's case, how he responded by turning his landscapes into powerful and fantastical psychoscapes.
The second edition of Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash features a new cover by Dave McKean, along with 15 pages of new bonus material examining the creation of the book.

Vendor: Dark Horse Books

ISBN: 9781506717524

Pages: 136



Year of Publication: 2022

Language: English

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