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Civil War: Ms. Marvel

Civil War: Ms. Marvel

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Whose side is she on? As the events of Civil War tear apart the super-hero community, Carol Danvers must choose to enforce the new Super Hero Registration Act or face prison. Aided by fellow Avengers Iron Man and Wonder Man, and the teenage hero Araña, Ms. Marvel combats former allies Shroud and Arachne in an attempt to enforce a law she may not agree with. But to do what she thinks is right, will Ms. Marvel tear apart a family? Plus: Carol's days as Warbird and Binary come back to haunt her! Ms. Marvel and the X-Men's Rogue must put aside their differences when another Carol Danvers appears, still using the call sign Warbird and seeking revenge on Rogue!

COLLECTING: Ms. Marvel (2006) 6-10, Ms. Marvel Special

Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9780785198130

Pages: 136



Year of Publication: 2015

Language: English

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