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Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse The Witcher: Ronin (Manga)

Dark Horse The Witcher: Ronin (Manga)

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Presenting a new original manga in The Witcher universe based on the rich traditions of Japanese folklore!
Taking the witcher to new lands inspired by ancient Japan, Geralt trails the mythical Lady of Snow. Here, the role of a witcher is just as essential—as dangerous spirits and demons are constantly on the prowl.

In a new world inspired by Edo-period Japan, Geralt is faced with difficult moral choices while battling a variety of yōkai and oni, creatures inspired by Japanese myths. Each encounter drops a clue in his desperate search for a mysterious apparition known as the Lady of Snow, yuki onna, for she is the key to who Geralt seeks, but finding her won’t be easy . . .

Vendor: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781506733500

Pages: 120

Author/Editor: Rafal Jaki

Artist: Hataya

Year of Publication: 2022

Language: English

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