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DC Batman: Shadow War

DC Batman: Shadow War

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When Deathstroke assassinates Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul demands revenge and sends her League of Shadows to kill Deathstroke and Deathstroke Inc.!
Ra's al Ghul is dead, and Talia is out for revenge! Batman is on the case to find Deathstroke before Talia's elite killers do! But Batman starts to piece together that not everything is what it seems in Ra's's death…and knows whom he must interrogate to get answers…Talia herself! Can the two former lovers ever work together again? 
This hardcover collects all the parts of the SHADOW WAR story from Batman #122-123; Robin #13-14; Deathstroke Inc. #8-9; Shadow War: Alpha #1; Shadow War: Omega #1; Shadow War Zone #1. 

Vendor: DC

ISBN: 9781779517975

Pages: 272

Author/Editor: Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter

Artist: Roger Cruz, Paolo Pantalena, Viktor Bogdanovic

Year of Publication: 2022

Language: English

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