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DC Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Saga Omnibus Vol. 1

DC Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Saga Omnibus Vol. 1

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Presenting Mike Grell's critically acclaimed six-year run on Green Arrow.
Stripping the Emerald Archer of his gimmicks and trick arrows, Grell introduced the world to an aging Oliver Queen haunted by the life he's led and the paths not taken. Patrolling the back alleys and rooftops of a crime-ridden Seattle--with his fellow crime-fighter and the love of his life, Dinah Lance--he is an urban hunter in a concrete wilderness seeking purpose.

Now collecting the entirety of the epic saga that changed the character forever, this first of two omnibus editions includes Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1-3, Green Arrow #1-50, and a story from Secret Origins #38, along with brand-new retrospectives by Mike Grell and series editor Mike Gold, and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes material.

Vendor: DC Comics

ISBN: 9781779502568

Pages: 1536

Author/Editor: Mike Grell

Artist: Mike Grell

Year of Publication: 2020

Language: English

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