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Marvel Comics

Deadpool Classic Vol. 22 Murder Most Fowl

Deadpool Classic Vol. 22 Murder Most Fowl

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Duck, duck, goose! DUCK: Because when you cross Wade Wilson with a certain feathered investigator named Howard, you get Deadpool the Duck! Can the Mallard with the Mouth complete his mission with webbed feet - and if he does, where does he send the bill?! DUCK: Because when Deadpool takes on the Punisher, you'd better duck! Can anyone win when the Regeneratin' Degenerate goes up against the one-man army? and GOOSE: Because the Marvel Universe's goose is cooked - again - when an all-new, all-different Deadpool slaughterfest begins! All your favorites are in the firing line, including Moon Knight! Ms. Marvel! Gwenpool! The Guardians of the Galaxy! Even Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! Feathers - and bullets - fly in three tales of chaos! Collecting: Deadpool The Duck 1-5, Deadpool Vs. The Punisher 1-5, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again 1-5

Vendor: Marvel Comics

ISBN: 9781302911799

Pages: 344

Author/Editor: Stuart Moore, Fred Van Lente


Year of Publication: 2018

Language: English

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