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Marvel Comics

Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 5

Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 5

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Things haven't been great for Wade Wilson recently, and now he's got it into his head that there might be a solution. One that takes him to the edge of the Marvel cosmos and back again! Then, Wade Wilson trusts Steve Rogers implicitly - how could he not? But that faith is about to be put to the test, big time, when Captain America ushers in his Secret Empire! Who's the guy in Hydra green the chicks all call a sex machine? Deadpool! You're darned right. But could it be that Wade's on the wrong side of history on this one? Plus, in a secret story known only to compulsive Deadpool variant-cover collectors, Odin ejects the regenerating degenerate from reality - and into the cover-verse! Collecting: Deadpool 30-36, Deadpool Secret Comic Variants.

Vendor: Marvel Comics

ISBN: 9781302913304

Pages: 248

Author/Editor: Gerry Duggan


Year of Publication: 2018

Language: English

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