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  • Elektra_by_Peter_Milligan,_Larry_Hama_&_Mike_Deodato_Jr.:_The_Complete_Collection
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Elektra by Peter Milligan, Larry Hama & Mike Deodato Jr.: The Complete Collection

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 Brand new, very minor shelf-wear due to storage.

Join the deadly Elektra on the path to redemption! Her fateful first step will lead to the ultimate grudge match with the man who murdered her -the lethal marksman Bullseye! But when an ancient threat known as the Architect engineers a life-and-death competition, an army of assassins make their way to New York. It's kill or be killed in a winner-takes-all contest that draws in Killer Shrike, Razor-Fist, Whiplash, Taskmaster and more! Can Elektra stop the madness -or will she take fi rst prize? Doctor Strange lends a mystic hand in a sai-and-sorcery epic! Plus, the fates of Elektra and Daredevil intertwine in the past and present, the American Samurai strikes, and Elektra wages war on the Hand in Japan! COLLECTING: ELEKTRA (1996) 1-19, -1

Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9781302904333

Pages: 480



Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English