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Frank Miller's Sin City Volume 4: That Yellow Bastard (Deluxe Edition)

Frank Miller's Sin City Volume 4: That Yellow Bastard (Deluxe Edition)

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The last decent detective in the police force battles against corruption in this deluxe edition of the acclaimed crime noir, featuring an oversized hardcover and a portfolio with print, housed in a cloth covered slipcase.
It’s his last day on the job and honest Detective John Hartigan has one loose end left to tie up. Little Nancy Callahan, age eleven, has been kidnapped by a lunatic who likes to hear little girls scream. Nancy isn’t his first victim, and she won’t be his last—unless Hartigan can put a stop to him, no matter how important the heinous psycho’s father is. But this case is drowning in more perversion than even Hartigan realized . . . If justice is possible in this city, this man is going to start his retirement with justice.
Frank Miller’s return to his comic opus graphic novel series continues with the deluxe edition of Volume 4 That Yellow Bastard. High-end materials and finishes, and iconic textures from the series combine in a package which evokes the grittiness of Sin City. Housed in a cloth-covered slipcase with foil stamping and printing is an oversized hardcover featuring a soft-touch matte finish with spot gloss and foil stamping. The hardcover includes a matching portfolio featuring a deluxe print of new artwork by Frank Miller. This edition does still include the six-page pinup gallery from previous editions, with art from Mike Allred, Kyle Baker, Jeff Smith, and Bruce Timm. And, also included is an eighteen-page expanded gallery of covers and back covers from previous editions.
As an added bonus, each volume’s slipcase has a different letter from the logo, placed on the front cover in such a way that alone it looks like a splash of red wrapping around the slipcase. But when all seven volumes are together it is clear that the grouping spells out “Sin City.”
Discerning fans and new readers can experience this unparalleled noir masterpiece in the deluxe edition no one should miss!

Vendor: Dark Horse Books

ISBN: 9781506728407

Pages: 240

Author/Editor: Frank Miller


Year of Publication: 2022

Language: English

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