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Gambit: Thieves' World

Gambit: Thieves' World

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Please note that this book is Remainder Marked and has very minor shelf-wear.

Ever wonder what Gambit is up to when he's not saving the world with the X-Men? Then join him in the exciting and treacherous terrain of the New Orleans underworld, where Remy LeBeau's skills and mastery as a thief are unquestioned! But Gambit's confidence may be his downfall - and his world might soon collapse like a house of cards! When the reanimated dead crawl out of their graves and overrun the streets of the Big Easy, Gambit is the only person who can save the city from a zombie apocalypse! But he's got even bigger problems: two women, both heartbroken, both angry...and both demanding his head on a platter! Then, the talented thief faces his most dangerous job yet: infi ltrating the heavily fortifi ed home of...the X-Men?! You've got to read it to believe it, mes amis! COLLECTING: GAMBIT (2004) 1-12, MATERIAL FROM X-MEN UNLIMITED (2004) 3

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