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Jem and the Holograms, Vol. 5 Truly Outrageous

Jem and the Holograms, Vol. 5 Truly Outrageous

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Kelly Thompson's ambitions are eclipsed only by her desire to exist entirely in pajamas. Fortunately pajamas and writers go hand in hand (most of the time).

Kelly has a fancy degree in Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art & Design and has published two novels (THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING and STORYKILLER) and the graphic novel HEART IN A BOX from Dark Horse Comics. She's written A-FORCE and HAWKEYE from Marvel Comics, JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS, THE MISFITS, and GHOSTBUSTERS:ANSWER THE CALL from IDW Comics, and co-wrote the POWER RANGERS:PINK mini-series from Boom!

Vendor: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781631409141

Pages: 124



Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English

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