Legendary Star-lord Volume 2: Rise Of The Black Vortex

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 Please note that this book is Remainder Marked.

Peter comes face to face with Mr. Knife! And you won't believe who's behind that snazzy mask. And all this craziness seems to have put a little strain on Peter and Kitty's relationship. You know what'll fix that right up? SPACE DATE! Or rather...SPACE PRISON BREAK! Peter Quill, what a catch. Couples fight. We all know they do. Especially when one half of the couple is Peter Quill. You know what we find often helps a rough patch? Space mischief and scoundreling! That's a word, right? Of course, it can also distract you from the whole...guarding the galaxy thing. Relationships, am I right? COLLECTING: Legendary Star-Lord 6-10