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Library of American Comics

LOAC Essentials Volume 14 Barney Google, 1928

LOAC Essentials Volume 14 Barney Google, 1928

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Laugh at some of the most famous sequences of the biggest and funniest cartoon stars of comics history, reprinted here for the first time. This book reprints four classic stories that are emblematic of what made the strip great. Barney and his horse Spark Plug get involved in all sorts of hijinks and schemes when they enter the Million-Dollar Cross-Country Marathon, decide to swim the English Channel, and when Barney joins the Secret and Mysterious Order of the Brotherhood of Billy Goats (in DeBeck's send-up of secret societies and fraternal lodges), culminating in Barney Google's historic run for President of the United States in 1928! LOAC Essentials reprints, in yearly volumes, the daily newspaper strips that are essential to comics history, strips that are unique creations in their right, while also contributing to the advancement of the medium.

Vendor: Library of American Comics

ISBN: 9781684055784

Pages: 352



Year of Publication: 2019

Language: English

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