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Marvel Defenders Epic Collection: Ashes, Ashes...

Marvel Defenders Epic Collection: Ashes, Ashes...

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Collects Defenders (1972) #110-125, Avengers Annual (1967) #11. The Defenders face threats Satanic, Seussian and everything in between! Marvel's greatest non-team will take you on adventures made with their own special brand of action and interpersonal drama, topped by a heaping helping of the absurd! In this Epic Collection, the Defenders battle the cosmic Over-Mind, the alternate-Earth Squadron Supreme, the fan-favorite Elf with a Gun, the Avengers and even themselves!

Patsy Walker's relationship with Daimon Hellstrom - the Son of Satan - will flower, while classic Defenders - Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer - will return! Out of it all, the New Defenders -featuring Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Moondragon - will rise, and nothing will be the same. Same as it ever was!

Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9781302904289

Pages: 440

Author/Editor: J. M. DeMatteis

Artist: Sal Buscema

Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English

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