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Dark Horse Comics

Nocturnals Omnibus Volume 1

Nocturnals Omnibus Volume 1

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Dan Brereton’s lush, innovative, action-packed stories of supernatural menace and gritty heroics are finally collected in this first volume omnibus edition, starting with “Black Planet”, the Eisner-nominated graphic novel which kicked off years of captivating weird tales of horror and crime.
The Nocturnals revolves around the mysterious quest of underworld enforcer and occult figure, Doc Horror; his supernaturally-gifted daughter Evening (aka Halloween Girl) who carries a pumpkin full of haunted toys; the Gunwitch, a silent, two-gun revenant with an itch to kill monsters; the lissome wraith Polychrome, and a host of hard-boiled inhuman players battling hidden evils lurking on the outskirts of human knowledge.
Collects the previously published Nocturnals volumes: Black Planet, Witching Hour, Carnival of Beasts, Troll Bridge, and The Dark Forever.

Vendor: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781506707495

Pages: 360

Author/Editor: Dan Brereton

Artist: Dan Brereton

Year of Publication: 2021

Language: English

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