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  • Punisher_War_Journal_by_Matt_Fraction:_The_Complete_Collection_Vol._1
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Punisher War Journal by Matt Fraction: The Complete Collection Vol. 1

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The Punisher is back - with a vengeance! When the superhuman Civil War breaks out, Frank Castle finds himself square in the crosshairs of G.W. Bridge, a S.H.I.E.L.D. big gun who always gets his man. Frank should be laying low, but when spandex-clad bad guys start carrying badges...well, that's something he just can't abide. But can the Punisher play by Captain America's rules? In the war's aftermath, Frank infiltrates a super-militia bent on igniting a bloody race war - and led by the new Hate-Monger! With Bridge in hot pursuit, can the Punisher disrupt the National Force's plans...or will he succumb to hate? Plus: an all-new look for the Punisher brings the Winter Soldier out of the woodwork...and can Frank stand up to the alien madness of World War Hulk? COLLECTING: PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (2006) 1-12, 1 B&W EDITION

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