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Savage Wolverine - Volume 2: Hands on a Dead Body (Marvel Now)

Savage Wolverine - Volume 2: Hands on a Dead Body (Marvel Now)

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The book is shrink wrapped in plastic.

Two blockbuster stories in one action-packed book! First, Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira take on Wolverine, teaming him with Elektra and Spider-Man in a climactic battle against the Kingpin! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will get stabbed by something sharp and pointy? It's an epic tale of ninjas, blades, and sweet revenge! Then, best-selling artist Jock spins a tale of sci-fi intrigue! When Wolverine crash-lands on an alien planet, he'll need more than just his healing factor to survive! But even if he adapts to this strange environment and its denizens, a mysterious child has arrived with a single-minded mission - to kill Wolverine. And when the child's past, and its connections to Logan's own, are revealed, Wolverine will have more than mere survival on his mind!


Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9780785168416

Pages: 136

Author/Editor: Zeb Wells

Artist: Joe Madureira

Year of Publication: 2014


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