Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities

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Grounded in extensive research and reporting, Spy Schools reveals how academia has emerged as a frontline in the global spy game. In a knowledge based economy, universities are repositories of valuable information and research, where brilliant minds of all nationalities mingle freely with few questions asked. Intelligence agencies have always recruited bright undergraduates but now, in an era when espionage increasingly requires specialized scientific ortechnological expertise, they"re wooing higher-level academics, not just as analysts but also for clandestine operations. Deterred by student protests and faculty hostility during the Vietnam era, the ClAand other security agencies are back - driven by patriotic fervour and fear in the wake of 9/11 - infiltrating almost every aspect of academic culture, enlisting college students and professors to moonlight as spies. Golden uncovers shocking campus activity - from the CIA placing agents undercover in Harvard Kennedy School classes and staging academic conferences to persuade Iranian nuclear scientists to defect, to a Chinese graduate student at Duke University stealing research for an invisibility cloak, and a tiny liberal arts college in Marietta, Ohio, exchanging faculty with China's most notorious spy school - to show how relentlessly and ruthlessly this practice has permeated our culture, not just inside the US, but internationally as well. Golden, the acclaimed author of The Price of Admission, blows the lid off this secret culture of espionage and its consequences.