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Marvel Comics

Star Comics: All-Star Collection - Volume 3

Star Comics: All-Star Collection - Volume 3

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"Attack of the Tarantulugs!" "Crisis in Cashalot!" "The Return of Merlin!" "The Royal Olympics!" Only some of the scintillating sagas spun as Star hit its stride! Wally the Wizard fights to rescue Princess Penelope, Planet Terry fights to save Omnus's life, and Top Dog meets Royal Heathcliff the Cat in "The Mystery of the Missing Millions!" And speaking of mysteries, who is Sam Space? Don't ask him, he's only the universe's greatest detective! Collecting PLANET TERRY #5-6, TOP DOG #7-9, WALLY THE WIZARD #5-6 and ROYAL ROY #5-6. All Ages ...$19.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-4348-2"

Vendor: Marvel Comics

ISBN: 9780785143482

Pages: 216

Author/Editor: Lennie Herman


Year of Publication: 2010

Language: English

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