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The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century

The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century

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What can we learn from warfare in the 20th century? This book looks at the strategy, the campaigns, the tactics, the people and the technology. The Hall of Mirrors is not a narrative history. It takes a deep look at war, and warfare, in the 20th Century. It looks at the strategy, the operational art, and the tactics. It looks at how technology was developed and affected military events. It looks at the human beings, the human organisations, and how they affected events. It makes judgements and comes to conclusions. By 1919 the First World War was already over. Those millions had died; those empires had crumbled; those new nations had been born. Nothing similar has happened, thus far, in the 21st century. All the more reason to look back and consider what did happen, and what we might learn from war and warfare in the 20th century. AUTHOR: Jim Storr wrote high-level doctrine for four years as a Regular infantry officer in the British Army. He then embarked on a second career in analysis, consulting, writing and postgraduate teaching. He has lectured, spoken and taught at staff colleges around the world. 8 colour plates, 10 maps, 10 chart

Vendor: Helion & Company

ISBN: 9781912390854

Pages: 312

Author/Editor: Jim Storr


Year of Publication: 2019

Language: English

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