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Thor Vs. Hulk

Thor Vs. Hulk

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Please note that this book is Remainder Marked and has very minor shelf-wear.

The God of Thunder takes on The Strongest One There Is as two Marvel Universe heavyweights clash! A rivalry for the ages begins shortly after Hulk quits the Avengers, with a test of strength between former teammates! Things escalate when the jade giant recruits powerful allies of his own, paving the way for Thor vs. Hulk to be the main event of an Avengers/Defenders War! Hammer meets fist again and again, including a journey to Hel and back, and blockbuster bouts between the Odinson and the Red Hulk! It's god against monster, in the Mightiest Marvel Manner of all! COLLECTING: AVENGERS (1963) 3, SUBMARINER (1968) 35, DEFENDERS (1972) 10, INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) 255 AND 440, THOR (1966) 385 AND 489, HULK (2008) 5-6, WHAT IF? (1977) 45; MATERIAL FROM JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) 112, INCREDIBLE HULK ANNUAL 2001, HULK (2008) 26

Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9780785185154

Pages: 336



Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English

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