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Wolverine Epic Collection: Shadow of Apocalypse

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Brand new, minor shelf-wear due to storage.

Wolverine takes on the Marvel Universe! First, an alien encounter pits Logan against the Avengers and a host of Earth's heroes! Then things get really cosmic as, kidnapped to outer space, Wolverine takes on the Collector and Galactus! He'll team up with Cable, Nightcrawler, Hercules, Alpha Flight and Nova, and face gamma-fueled battles against the Hulk and the Leader...but is the Wolverine we know and love acting just a bit out of character? Then, Apocalypse turns the feral X-Man's life upside down, transforming him into the lethal Horseman of Death -complete with the return of his adamantium claws! COLLECTING: VOLUME 12: WOLVERINE (1988) 133-149, HULK (1999) 8, WOLVERINE/CABLE

Vendor: Marvel

ISBN: 9781302903855

Pages: 504



Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English